Do you know someone living in London
and in real need of food?

The London Food Map is a simple way to help people in real need to find where and how to access free or low cost food in their area.

We've made it simple to find a location, opening times, the type of food available and how to access it.

Welcome to the London Food Map!


Quick Answers

Who is eligible for free food?

It depends.

A few places are open to all, in many cases for local residents (people living in the area).  Other places will require a voucher which can be obtained through a GP, school, or Citizens Advice Bureau. There are also organisations serving specific groups such as refugees or vunerable citizens. 

To find what may be required to access food, please check details on the location's profile.

Is all food free?

Most sources listed here are free, but some may charge a small price for the food or meal they serve. This will help them cover some costs, such as cooking. 

How can I get a referral?

It depends on the organisation.
For example, Foodbanks partner with a wide range of care professionals who are best placed to assess need and eligibility.

Usually the GP, Jobcentre, Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), Social Services, Schools and Local Authorities are able to provide referrals and vouchers. 

Is free food safe and healthy?

Charities and community kitchens are legally obliged to take food safety very seriously, and they have all processes in place (hygiene, food safety, correct food storage) just like any other restaurant or shop.